I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember. My first album was a cassette tape of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Somehow it felt dangerous, as I flipped from Side A to Side B listening to the pulsing Beat It and the haunting title track. As I grew older, I anticipated going to the record store to purchase a CD and spend the evening pouring over the album artwork and the lyrics.

At the risk of sounding nostalgic, or perhaps just old, I miss the tangible combination of album artwork, music and lyrics. And while all three persist today, the digital age has changed the associated experience.

Us! Us! Us! is my attempt to recapture a time in my life when music, artwork and words came together gloriously, and in a strange way, helped define me as a person. 

Greg Lutze 

P.S. This blog is named after lyrics from the Petey Pablo song Raise Up.


Greg Lutze is a mixed-race Asian American founder, advisor and artist based out of California.  A polymath, his interests lie in a variety of creative pursuits including design, photography, painting, fragrance and fashion.

Portrait by Steven Turville

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